The Construction Section

The Construction Section of the Puppeteers' Cooperative creates puppets, masks, and images for theatrical productions, community events, and political actions.
We specialize in creating giant puppets of unique design using sophisticated design skills which enable us to employ simple primitive technical means. We work in light simple easy-to-find materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, cloth, and plastic, making pieces in which ease of use lends itself to expressive movement which is in turn capable of communicating the nuances of meaning of which the puppet itself conveys the essence.

backpack puppets

Photo: Orlando Marra

Prices range from $200-300 for a human-sized or seven or eight foot tall foam or papier-mache and cloth puppet, to $500 for a twelve foot tall dancing backpack puppet, to somewhat larger prices for fifty foot long or twenty foot high truly giant puppets.

For more information, contact:

Sara Peattie
284 Endicott St.
Revere, MA 02151
(617) 378-5715

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