Giant Puppet photos

Golden King, Renaissance School
First Night Boston 2000

see Kid-King

Really Big Guy
Fourth of July Parade, Governor's Institute on the Arts of Vermont, 1992?

see Mr. America

River God, for opening a bridge
Workshop, Albany, NY 2002
River God

see Poseidon

Big Green Lady, "The Rights of Spring"
Prospect Park, NY 2001
Big Green

see Flora

Big Summer, 'The Four Seasons' Parade
First Night Boston, 1999

see Dorchester African King

RISD Fisherman, Fast Ecological Pageant
Workshop, John Bell's Puppet course, Providence, RI 1995?

see RISD Fisherman

Shining Silver Witch in the Wood
Halloween Parade, 2001
Silver Witch

see Samba Dancer

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