If you have enough clay, create a face in clay and cover it with thin plastic (Saran Wrap) and then with 3-5 layers of papier mache. You may have to cut it to get it off the clay, and then papier mache it back together.

Cardboard Armatures

If you don't have enough clay, you can make a cardboard armature and sculpt the face on it in crumpled newspaper and masking tape. Do a layer of newspaper papier mache, adjust the sculpture, and do a couple of layers in heavy paper, such as paper bags. When the paper dries, you can cut into the cardboard in the inside of the face and pull the crumpled newspaper out to make the head lighter.
The easiest way of putting these armatures together is with staple plers. See Technical Information . If you are putting them together with duct tape, use plenty of white glue in the overlapping areas, and tape the overlaps together over the edge of the cardboard instead of across the overlap.

Heavy lines mean to cut and overlap, gluing and stapling, or gluing and duct taping.
Dotted lines mean to score, cutting lightly and bending.

Human armature

Human armature

dragon/dog dragon/dog

parrot armature heron armature

horse armature

Round Head
armature round head

See Photos of faces
For Papier mache and staple pliers see Technical Information

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