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Pageants and Processions

Workshops by the Puppeteers Cooperative

First Night Boston Grand Procession 2007
Puppeteers' Cooperative and Back Alley Puppet Theater

video by Christoper Clemson,
music by the Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society

Godzilla is Irradiated
From "Godzilla" Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Festival, 2004

Young Carmen
From "Carmen in New York" Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Festival, 2002

The Dream of Godzilla
Toy Theater play

Big City et al
First Night Grand Procession

Painted People
Millenium Masque

Circle Dance
Rites of Spring at Newburyport

The Village Halloween Parade, 2010
At the Village Halloween Parade: Himalayas,
leading an instant gong band with Cousins d'Amerique,
The Puppeteers Cooperative with
Hungry Ghosts, Trash People, The Happy Economy, The Sorrowful Cod.
Video by Arny Lippin. editing by Sara Peattie

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