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The Seething Sea of Papier-mache is an intensive one-day workshop in which a puppeteer gives up to twenty participants a short explanation and description of various sorts of giant puppets, from simple human-sized puppets to 20' tall or 50' long parade puppets, shows the group how to make the heads for giant puppets quickly and easily, and helps the group to start on their puppets.
It results in a group in which each participant has the head for a giant puppet begun, and has the information necessary not only to finish the puppet on their own, but to teach others how to make giant puppets.
This workshop costs $300, transportation, and materials.

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Giant Puppets Fast is a five-day workshop in which participants learn to make a set of light, mobile, and expressive giant puppets and also, depending upon the number of people in the workshop, the amount of time they can commit to it, and the interests of participants, additional accouterments such as masks, flags, dragons, and giant puppets of original design. This workshop creates not only the centerpiece of a pageant or procession, but a nucleus of puppet makers with the skills they need to continue creatingworks involving giant puppets.
The Giant Puppets Fast workshop can involve either one or two puppeteers depending upon the number of participants and the number of puppets they with to make. A workshop with one puppeteer teaching costs $850 plus materials, room, per diem, and transportation, while a workshop with two puppeteers costs $1,700 plus materials, room, per diem, and transportation.


Parademaking is a ten-day workshop in which a puppeteer from the PuppeteersÂ’ Cooperative helps participants to create an entire artistically coherent procession or pageant, ending with a first performance. It is intended to start on a Friday and to include two weekends. This workshop includes work with participants to design a procession or pageant which expresses the character and meets the needs of the community, design and make the giant puppets, banners, and masks needed to perform it, rehearse mass movement and individual actions, and present a first performance.
The Parademaking workshop costs $1,600 plus room, per diem, transportation and materials.

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